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Our start-up "better toegether" won a spot in the SNIC Life Science Incubator

Plenty has happened since our high from the Lift-off competition last summer. We have worked on our start-up idea "better together" and got selected for the SNIC Life Science Incubator. As one of the incubator teams, we now have an office in Göttingen's Historic Observatory, participate in workshops, get support from experienced consultants and so much more.

better together aims at creating bottom-up projects that improve the situation of rural women. Rural women in low and middle income economies tend to be overlooked by society. Despite their creativity and ambitions, they often lack resources and face marketing challenges when building their own small business. Better together will be a platform for these women that will promote their products.

Our milestones for the next months are to further develop our social business model and to create a branding strategy. As a first step, we are working towards reaching the domestic markets for our locally produced products and thus we need to develop a solid strategy for the respective context. Much to do!

At the same time, we are also working on our first bottom-up project: Bee-keeping with Indonesian women. We are visiting Indonesia to test bee-keeping with a pilot group of rural women. We are working with the villages, local partners, and NGOs to test the production of a range of products derived from bee-keeping.

We are excited for much more to come - we hope you are too!

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