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Hi, I am Selina!


​I am a Lecturer (Assistant Prof.) in Sustainable Food at the University of Bristol.


I am a former Dorothea Schlözer Fellow at the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development at the University of Göttingen and the Norwich Institute for Sustainable Development.  


In my research, I focus on the sustainable growth of smallholder farmers around the world - particularly in remote rural regions of the Global South. More precisely, I focus on the behavioral dimension of smallholder farmers in order to understand heterogeneities in production and marketing decisions and subsequent consequences. Furthermore, I am interested in understanding consumer behavior and preferences, as well as how to steer change in consumption choices.


Methodologically, I use experimental methods to understand preferences and decision-making processes. Furthermore, I am curious about the suitability of established experiments for low-numeracy subject-pools.​

sustainable food systems
experimental economics
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