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Photo Exhibition at Uni Göttingen: Putting a Spotlight on Smallholder Farmers from the Larger Mekong Region

Aktualisiert: 25. Mai

Just in time before leaving the University of Göttingen, the photos from our research stay in Cambodia and Vietnam were selected to be displayed in our Cafe Central. I couldn't be happier!

When we think of smallholder farmers in the Global South, we often think of people who do not have much - we think of what they lack. But these pictures show what they have. The farmers in Cambodia and Vietnam - the ones that we met - are living a life in community and in harmony with nature. They cultivate animals within the villages, together as a community. They take care of their land and help eachother where they can. They enjoy time together and have a strong bond with their family and village community.

Yes, there are many difficulties in the lives of smallholder farmers, but there is also lots of beauty and wonder. And I think these pictures put a well-needed spotlight on smallholder farmers' beauty, strength, and pride.

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